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After an absolutely awe-inspiring amount of work, our Raising Horizons collaboration has finally seen the light of day! On the 9th of
February we had a little party to celebrate the artistic vision of Leonora Saunders and the rather epic TrowelBlazing of Becky Wragg Sykes. The portraits were hung by the railings with care, half the professors and all of the TrowelBlazers were there…!

We’ve compiled a few pictures of the evening for those who came out to support us, and we will soon be posting the perks and treats for our Raising Horizons backers! In the meantime, check out the #RaisingHorizons tag, enjoy seeing what ‘the most women ever seen in the Geological Society’ looks like, and a massive THANK YOU from all of us at Team TrowelBlazers for everything that makes us work.*


Tori takes over the most important job – sorting the bubbles


Suzie finds a new role as Queen of Merch


We even met some celebrities… (Shahina, Jess, Rachel, Ella, and Peggy!)

image12 image8 image6ellaFullSizeRender

And the amazing Emma O’ Riordan brought together THREE amazing women in this photo — TrowelBlazer Margaret Murray, her modern Raising Horizons counterpart Amara Thornton, and the custom TrowelBlazer Lottie!


There were beautiful words from Leonora, from Becky, from Raising Horizons star Peggy Brunache and from Dorothea Bate biographer Karolyn Shindler. And MOST EXCITING THING OF ALL — all four of your Team TrowelBlazers managed to co-exist in the same physical space without the sheer awesomeness collapsing the space-time continuum.†



*That would be you, our amazing community  😉

†We’re better at digging than physics. Oh well.

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