Marie Louise Stig Sørensen was born in 1954 in Denmark. She graduated from the University of Aarhus in Denmark and later obtained her PhD from Cambridge University in 1985. Since then, her research interests have diverged and she has contributed to research on Bronze Age Europe, archaeological theory, and heritage studies.

One of Sørensen’s most significant contributions to the archaeological discipline has been her exploration and development of gender archaeology. This idea, the connection between social ideas and gender, is explored in her seminal book Gender Archaeology, a publication that is used in archaeological theory studies in universities worldwide since its first publication in 2000. Following this line of research interest, Sørensen continued to contribute to the issues of gender in archaeology, past and present. Regarding the team in Szhazalombatta, she confirms that an effort is being made by her and the other directors to keep a balanced approach towards the team participants’ respective genders. This deliberate decision is a result of Sørensen’s observations on other archaeological teams that she has been a part of, where often clashes occur between the ways that people associating themselves with different genders communicate. Therefore, a goal of the Szhazalombatta’s team management is to have open communication between the team members, their supervisors, and the directors.

In 2011 Sørensen was appointed as a Reader at Cambridge University and subsequently became a Professor of Archaeology. Her research is internationally influential, and in 2012 she was also appointed as Professor in Bronze Age studies at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2014 she was awarded the 16th European Archaeology Heritage Prize, a prestigious award given for exceptional contributions to heritage preservation, another testament to her diverse achievements in archaeology.

Post by Monika Dimitrova and Uli Botzojorns

Image provided by Maikel Kuipers and used with permission. 

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