Right from the start it was clear to Team TrowelBlazers that our tumblr site just wasn’t big enough for everything we had to say. Here are all our TrowelBlazers-linked articles from across the web in the last year:


2 April 2014 On the Michigan State University Campus Archaeology blog “TrowelBlazers: Women in Archaeology” by Brenna Hassett

4 November 2013 On GeoBlogy, the British Geological Survey blog “Wikipedia gets the TrowelBlazer Treatment” by Brenna Hassett

17 October 2013 On the Women in Science Research Network blog “From the first female Oxbridge prof to film star Kevin Bacon in just six steps… by Tori Herridge

15 October 2013 “A Splendid Regiment of Women” by Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Victoria Herridge, Brenna Hassett and Suzanne Pilaar Birch. Our chapter in the Ada Lovelace Day book A Passion For Science

26 September 2013 On the Science Grrl blog “If you you love [BLANK], then you’ll love my job” by Tori Herridge

21 August 2013 On The H Word hosted by The Guardian “Does this photograph show Mary Anning?” by Suzie Pilaar Birch

7 August 2013 On the Science Grrl blog “Trowelblazing Role Models” by Suzie Pilaar Birch

21 June 2013 On CNN’s Leading Women  “Trowelblazers: In Search of the Female Indiana Jones” by Tori Herridge

20 June 2013 On Historical Honey “Exclusive: Trowelblazers Interview” by Polly Heffer with Brenna, Suzie, Becky, and Tori

20 May 2013 On Suzi Gage’s Sifting the Evidence blog, hosted by The Guardian  “Who Invented Clothes? A Palaeolithic Archaeologist Answers” by Becky Wragg Sykes

13 May 2013 On the Science Grrl blog  “TrowelBlazers: Celebrating Awesome Trowel-Wielding Women” by Tori Herridge

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