The stars finally aligned in 2018 for Team TrowelBlazers to be able to take part in a very special event to celebrate the launch of the Raising Horizons exhibit at the University of York. It was an excellent chance to bring the Raising Horizons stories, and Leonora Saunders’ beautiful art, to a new audience, who proved very receptive to both the wine and the history of women in archaeology.


The event featured talks from two of the Raising Horizons featured women: Dr Colleen Morgan, who portrays Jaquetta Hawks; and Prof. Nicky Milner who portrays Dorothy Garrod.


In discussing her connections with Jaquetta, Colleen managed to convey some of the poetry and expanse that is possible when writing about the past, hopefully inspiring some of the audience members to be brave and let their own work take flight.


Nicky spoke with great insight about the life and times of Dorothy, bringing out the contrasts — and the very similar hurdles — of participating in archaeology as a woman both today and a century ago.


Meanwhile, a crack team of volunteers provided York Archaeology students with wine and merchandise opportunities, and there was a roaring trade in postcards of both York staff members. Many thanks to Colleen for organising such a terrific event, and to all who attended!

The Raising Horizons exhibit can be seen in the Common Room, King’s Manor, University of York, YO1 7EP.

11th January – 16th March 2018

Admission: Free.



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2 thoughts on “Raising Horizons York!

  1. Catherine Harvey says:

    What are your plans for touring Raising Horizons? I’m hoping to see it at Bournemouth Uni but am already very interested in finding out if it might be possible to bring it to Hastings Museum & Art Gallery (where I do the exhibitions programme, among other things). Many thanks! Catherine

    1. Brenna says:

      Hello! Our touring schedule is usually up on , though it doesn’t always extend super far in the future, as we wait confirmation with various new and exciting places. We would love to come to Hastings though, the best thing to do is to catch us on email [ ] and we can provide some of the details. Thank you for thinking of us!

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