Magdolna Vicze was born in 1962 in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated with her master’s degree from the ELTE Bolcseszettudomany University in 1986, and continued to work at the Archaeological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where she took part in Gyomaendrőd area of ​​micro-regional research. She was responsible for organizing large-scale and multi-directional archaeological research coordination and organization. During the period between 1986 and 1993 she also studied Bronze Age materials with scholars from Italy, Hungary and the Soviet Union.

Starting her PhD in 1993 at the ELTE Archaeological Departments, Vicze worked on and researched the largest collection of Bronze Age ceramics from burial contexts (1600 graves in total) in Central Europe. Her final dissertation used this data in order to explore the Vatya culture and its respective social space as reconstructed by Bronze Age burial contexts.

Dr. Vicze had to prove herself not just as a scholar, but also as a woman scholar in a then predominately male-oriented profession in a Communist country. When getting married to another renowned archaeologist herself, Magdolna Vicze refused to change her last name, something uncommon for the Communist times. Instead of being perceived as a subsidiary of her husband’s work, she decided that she wanted to be accepted as an independent scholar, and continued to author academic  papers under her maiden name.

Since completing her PhD in 2001, Vicze has been predominantly involved with work at the Matrica Museum, of which she is also a director. Despite the fact that her academic work takes her all over the world, Vicze continues to be a back-bone of the Szazhalombatta excavation project. Being multi-lingual and publishing articles in both Hungarian and English, Magdolna Vicze provides a link between Western and Central European archaeology.

Post by Monika Dimitrova and Uli Botzojorns

Photo by Maikel Kuipers and used with permission. 

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