Happy Birthday Mary Anning! Born on the 21st of May in 1799, your spirit is still strong amongst trowelblazers the world over.

This year we are channeling the Anning spirit, and are celebrating by opening a shop. But rather than selling fossils (or indeed shells by the seashore), we are selling TrowelBlazers SWAG! All proceeds will go to keeping trowelblazers.com going, and if we really start raking it in then we will put our squillions towards other good works, like our long-held dream of running a fieldwork scholarship.

Take your pick from a selection of TrowelBlazing quotes to inspire you, like this no nonsense one from Anning herself (describing a plesiosaur fossil she collected and prepared):

“It is large, and it is heavy… but it is the first, and only one discovered in Europe” — Mary Anning, 1823

Or how about channeling the power of our community directly, with this by Alison Atkin (buy it here):

#TrowelT design by Alison Atkin

We were left speechless when she submitted it to our #TrowelT call for designs. And then there is this beauty of a portrait of Gertrude Bell by Angela Hennessy. And remember, if you want to submit your own, you still can–we have a special #TrowelT collection dedicated to designs by our community, for our community).

We are pretty excited. More quotes and designs coming soon. And if you have any ideas get in touch!

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