We here at TrowelBlazers are very excited to share that we have been working on a top-secret project for over a year, advising on the product design for a recently started small toy company Arklu as they created a new Lottie Doll: namely, Fossil Hunter Lottie.

lottie trowel

It all started soon after TrowelBlazers first came together, in fact. Creative Director and Co-Founder of Arklu, Lucie Follet, sent us an email about the company’s plan for a paleontologist doll that would put Barbie to shame with her lifelike body proportions and ability to stand on her own two feet. We made recommendations on Lottie’s outfit (long shorts with cargo pockets for holding things like a field notebook and pen, baseball cap for shade); essential kit (#1 being a trowel, of course!); and possible fossil creatures she might find (like ammonites and belemnites, for example). We thoroughly enjoyed the process and cannot wait until Fossil Hunter Lottie is on the market in 2015. Check out some of these screenshots from Arklu’s adorable stop-motion video, which you can view here.



We’d also like to say that while we wholeheartedly hope that the TrowelBlazers community enjoys the doll as much as we do, and buy the doll for the children in their lives (or for themselves!), we consulted on the doll free of charge and have no financial involvement, period. We believe in supporting a small business that is sending out a positive message to children about something we are passionate about, and are behind their aim to encourage more outdoors adventuring – who knows what future trowelblazing it might inspire!


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