Forget sexy witches, or even — heaven forfend — sexy archaeologists, this Halloween channel your favourite #trowelblazer to win hands-down at dressing-up! Here’s our top 10:


1. Gertrude Bell. Spy, archaeologist, mountaineer and desert explorer. Taught  Lawrence of Arabia everything he knew.



2. Margaret Murray was an Egyptologist and the first woman to publicly unwrap a mummy, but she also knew a thing or two about witchcraft – she cast spells on colleagues and apparently they mostly worked…


3. If ever there was a trowelblazer with a superhero alter-ego, it’s Honor Frost. She was brought up as the ward of Mr. Evill, after all. She was also a pioneering underwater archaeologist, and fan of stone anchors.


4. As a kid, Jacquetta Hawkes liked to dress up as a cave man to imagine what life in the palaeolithic was like. With Yusra, she went on to discover Tabun 1 a Neanderthal woman from a cave in Israel.



5. SNAKES! When not kicking ass protecting artefacts from Nazis, Virginia Grace had excellent taste in scary accessories.


6. Unleash the Hounds of Hell! Terrify the hallways of august institutions with your rendition of Kathleen Kenyon and her bevy of beagles. Don’t forget to pioneer an entirely new way of doing archaeology along the way!



7. Take a tip from Margaret Benson, who took time away from being the first woman to direct an excavation in Egypt to dress up as the Goddess Mut at a Luxor ball



8. Jane Dieulafoy was a war hero with special permission from the French government to dress as a man. Once the war was over, she kept the clothes and embarked on a pioneering Persian archaeological career.



9. Geologist Charlotte Murchison shone a light on science – useful for torchlight trick or treating.



10. Florence Bascom was so good at her job that she made it into the first edition of American Men of Science. Yes they still went with that name.



There are 80+ more examples to choose from in our archive, complete with inspirational images — go explore them all!

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