Unbelievably, it’s been a whole year since our little project started out. We’ve gone from four researchers who’d never met in real life to a working collective. And now, we’ve taken our project to show the internet (well, tumblr, at least…) just how awesome women in the trowel-wielding sciences can be and shown it to all sorts of real-life audiences-both academic and not! We’ve talked about TrowelBlazers and the importance of women in our fields at academic conferences in Australia and France, with more to come in the UK and Turkey. We’ve written a book chapter. We’ve talked to kids and families at the Cambridge Science Festival, and hosted wikipedia editathons on two continents. And then there’s the collaborations with kids mags, toymakers, and performance artists… Well. Wow.

All in all, it’s been an amazing year. And one of the most amazing things is how incredible and involved our friends and contributors have been. We are truly a crowd-sourced project now (for which we are eternally grateful-we do have to sleep sometime…). We are constantly inspired by our guest posts and the super-human effort from archivists around the world who help us with images, and we love that feeling when someone tells us about a new trowelblazer. So, here we are, with our fancy new website (thank you Neil! OMG thank you), and a view to the future. And guess what? The future is you. Your guest posts, your enthusiasm, and your involvement make this whole thing work.

So we’ll see you on the leader board for the Order of The Blazing Trowel!


– Brenna, Becky, Suzie and Tori


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