So here’s our first ever competition with an actual prize to be won- and a fabulous one at that! Our latest article, written by Georgina Ferry, is on the iconic scientist Dorothy Hodgkin, who it turns out was not only a Nobel prize winner for her crystallography work, but also a genuine trowelblazer.  Georgina’s book, Dorothy Hodgkin: A Life, is being reissued by Bloomsbury Publishing, and comes out on 11 September 2014.

So we thought it would be lovely to offer you all a chance to find out more about this amazing figure, and at the same time learn something about her background in archaeology.

You can win a copy of Dorothy Hodkin: A Life if you ‘Join the Dots’: can you get from Dorothy Hodgkin to Dorothy Garrod, a central figure in trowelblazing networks, in less than six steps? There’s more than one way (this figure may help), and we welcome all correct answers*!

Tweet us your answer @trowelblazers using hashtag #Dot2Dot, or share this post on Facebook ( don’t forget to add in your Dot2Dot steps!) and we’ll pop your name in a hat at the end of the week. The lucky winner will be drawn the following week, and announced on this page.

*Bonus points and honourable mentions for advanced Dot2Dot efforts, with as many links as possible, or featuring as many Dorothys/Dorotheas as possible! We’ll feature the best in an upcoming blogpost.

Grateful thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for supplying the prize!

We also think you should all watch this video from of Dorothy Hodgkin from 1990, where she recalls going on the dig at Jerash with her parents:


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