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Do you know of a TrowelBlazing pioneer in archaeology, geology, or palaeontology? Let us know! We are always looking out for guest posts, or even suggestions for new women to feature.

It’s all so very easy… 200+ words, and a picture either freely available or with a known source where we can request permission to reproduce it. Even if you can’t manage that – don’t worry! We’re happy just to be told about truly inspiring women. Don’t forget to tell us your twitter/ blog name so we can give you full credit!


Order of the Blazing Trowel
Meg Rosenburg
for posts that may yet spawn a TrowelBlazer anthem...

Marie Tharp mapped the ocean floor / Inge Lehman found the Inner Core / Why had we never heard their names before? / Thank you Meg Rosenburg, please bring us more!

[with apologies to poets everywhere]

Roberto Rozzi
for posts on Plio-Pleistocene palaeo pioneers

Thank you Roberto Rozzi, for bringing us your personal heroes: Maria Rita Palombo and Elisabeth Vrba. From evolution on islands to what bovids can tell us about human evolution, these trowelblazers are still pushing forward the frontiers of palaeontology.

Lisa-Marie Shillito
For bringing you TrowelBlazers then and now!

Hip-hip-hooray to our latest recipient of the Order of the Blazing Trowel! Lisa-Marie has told us about the inspirational work of modern-day TrowelBlazer Shahina Farid, the TrowelBlazer-training Florence Bascom, and the pickaxe-wielding suffragete Zonia Baber!

Amara Thornton
For digging up TrowelBlazers from the depths of the UCL archives

Let’s all raise a bowl of Murray Curry in honour of Amara Thornton, for her services to TrowelBlazer awareness! Amara has given us insight into the truly inspirational  Agnes Conway Horsfield and Annie Pirie Quibell (and some astounding headpieces).

Jan Freedman
For posts so far, and posts to come...

All hail Jan Freedman, newest member of the Order of the Blazing Trowel. He’s written posts for us on the Mysterious Miss G (who was fond of a flutter & a wee dram, as well as archaeology) and the Godmother of Egyptology, Amelia Edwards. And we’ve got more from him in the pipeline as well!

Fernanda Castano
For setting us on the trail of a mysterious photo...

Yay! for Fernanda Castano, elevated to the order for posts on Mary Buckland and Isabel Cookson, not to mention Mary Ann Woodhouse Mantell!

Gabe Moshenska
Creator of the TrowelToon and Stumpy the Octopus

Hurrah! for Gabe Moshenska, elevated to the order for the invention of the TrowelToon and posts on Honor Frost, Elizabeth Pettigrew, Margaret Murray and Gertrude Caton-Thompson.

Ross Barnett
For TrowelBlazers posts thrice over

Take a bow, Ross Barnett, for your posts on Rosemary Cramp, Beth Shapiro and Blaire Van Valkenburgh. Welcome to the Order of the Blazing Trowel!

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Alexandria Burek @feminist_arch

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Liam Herringshaw @fossiliam

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