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Women in archaeology, geology, and palaeontology

TrowelBlazers is a celebration of women archaeologists, palaeontologists and geologists who have been doing awesome work for far longer, and in far greater numbers, than most people realise.

Because we think these women are awesome. We think you’ll think these women are awesome. And we want to keep on discovering more awesome trowel-wielding women.   Plus, so many of the pictures are, quite frankly, a-MAZ-ing.

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Isabel McBryde

The name Isabel McBryde should be instantly familiar to anyone who has studied Australian archaeology—she is one of the main reasons you can  study archaeology in Australia! She has trained at least three generations of Australian archaeologists and was instrumental to the establishment of professional archaeology in Australia. Along with John Mulvaney, Isabel was responsible for […]

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What We're Up To

Fossil Hunter Lottie has made it as far as Bristol! As well as having fantastic fun with our own Tori Herridge at the annual Natural Sciences Collections Association (aka NatSCA) annual conference down by the docks, Fossil Hunter Lottie also made it up the steep hill to the University of Bristol to spend a day with Professor Emily Rayfield. Talk about…

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Do you know of an awesome, TrowelBlazing pioneer in archaeology, geology, or palaeontology? Let us know! We are always looking out for guest posts, or even suggestions for new women to feature.

It’s all so very easy… 200 words, and a picture either freely available or with a known source where we can request permission to reproduce it. Even if you can’t manage that – don’t worry! We’re happy just to be told about truly inspiring women. Don’t forget to tell us your twitter/ blog name so we can give you full credit!

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